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Crime in Allston


The Allston area is the only one of a dozen police districts in Boston where serious crimes are up in the first three months of 2013 compared with the same period last year, according to statistics released by Boston Police.

Serious crimes in Allston are up 19 percent so far this year, fueled by the number of burglaries and attempted burglaries more than doubling.

Each of the 11 other police districts in Boston have seen serious crimes drop by at least 8 percent this year. Some of the districts have seen decreases as high as 31 percent.

Within the entire city serious crimes are down by 15.4 percent this year.

Within this group are homicide, rape and attempted rape, robbery and attempted robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and attempted burglary, larceny and attempted larceny, vehicle theft and attempted vehicle theft.

The neighborhood of Allston is patrolled by police District D-14. Between Jan. 1 and September this year, there have been 302 burglaries and attempted burglaries in District D-14, a huge percentage jump from the 57 that were reported during the same span last year.

Current Allston resident Janniqua Dawkins is worried, “ My brother who lives two streets away from me has been robbed three times in the past few years. You know, being a single mom it worries me about my safety and the safety of my kids. My brother is a strong man that can hold his own incase someone breaks in, but I am a small lady. You think I can hold off a large man? Because I know I can’t.  I haven’t been robbed, but I’m still scared, actually worried I think is the better word. I just hope it’ll get better, because I can’t afford to move to a nicer part of town.”

Janniqua is one resident out of a community predominantly of single parent families, college students, and immigrants. They live in constant fear of the possibility of violence to strike near their homes. Most of these households have very little money to live on monthly so a robbery can severely harm their month-to-month way of life.

In Allston, there have been 61 robberies and attempted robberies compared to 57 at this time last year. Vehicle thefts and attempted vehicle thefts are also up slightly, with 65 so far this year compared to 59 last year.

The Boston Police Department believes “The crime in the area is going down. We have made significant efforts to help lower crime rates around the Brighton-Allston area as a whole. ” However most residents feel differently. David Galinato a resident of Allston believes cops do little to protect their citizens, “Last year a block away a Boston University student was stabbed to death in his own home. How does that even happen? The police need to monitor suspicious activity. I just think that it’s ridiculous to think someone could break in and kill me at any moment. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is not unheard of. I just wanna be safe in my own home, I don’t think that is too much to ask for.” However, David does admit that he has seen the police break up suspicious activity before, it worries him to live in such a violent neighborhood.

Meanwhile, larcenies and attempted larcenies are down – there have been 510 so far this year compared 540 at this time last year and aggravated assaults have also dropped to 81 this year compare to 89 at this point a year ago.

There has been one homicide this year; at this point last year there had been none. The number of rapes and attempted ra